China Digital Building Annual Summit

The China Digital Building Annual Summit 2019 has been successfully held for 10 sessions. It aims to build a high-level communication platform for management departments, business elites, experts and academics. With the context of globalization, we should focus more on the frontiers and keep pace with times to lead the industrial upgrading. In the past 10 years, the Summit has gathered industrial related connections including government leaders, industry experts and scholars from all over the world. It also built a platform for enterprises, constructors, builders, intermediary consultants, design institutes and universities. In the Summit, all participants can discuss the on-trend topics and explore the digital development strategy and the integrated enterprise innovation model to stimulate the new momentum of the digital transformation of the construction industry.

Gather The Thoughts of Experts
In-depth discussion on digital transformation. Driving business value creation and ecological change
Open Scene Experience
Demonstrate the digitalization of the construction industry. Scientific and technological achievements and industrialized application strength
Pioneer of Enabling Transformation
Presentation of the digital transition pioneers. Best practices, upgrading digital applications in the construction industry
Superimposed Ecological Potential Energy
Link ecological enterprises of the whole industry chain. Superimposing industry potential energy and breaking through traditional cooperation boundary
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